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During a walking tour of Hadrian’s wall in northern England (almost Scotland) a couple of summers ago we found we could no longer fight off the urge to have our own stone building (house/barn/outbuilding/anything) to renovate into something wonderful. However, we were not looking to invest, but rather for a hobby, so cost was a factor…and stone buildings don’t come cheap…even ones that are roofless and mostly collapsed and located in the depths of some god-forsaken, rain-drenched, backwater village. It all seemed beyond our means…

But who knew? Derelict stone houses are very affordable in Bulgaria and, as luck would have it, Bulgaria also turns out to be an extremely beautiful, multi-layered, fascinating and friendly country…that is also affordable and offers great food and drink! It was a no-brainer…we bought a property with 4 lovely, old, stone buildings (with roofs and sunshine) overlooking a beautiful valley in the Rhodope Mountains.

Given the feasibility of Bulgaria, our plans evolved, in the rather spontaneous, organic manner our life together has always evolved, and we brought to life another fantasy we had always sort of dreamed of—our own school. A school where the curriculum is not dictated from above and where the teachers teach what they love and what they are good at and are there because they love to teach and inspire. And the students are there because they love to learn and be inspired!

And that’s about where we are right now…we have the buildings and the dreams and desires. So now begins the gathering of knowledge and skills and means to bring dreams and desires into reality…Our plan is to document and share our experience on social media– partly to get the feedback, advice, suggestions and encouragement of others, partly to fuel our own enthusiasm and keep up our motivation, but also as an example of a couple following a dream to wherever it might take them…for better or worse or simply for new and different.

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