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Looking for the perfect property for our Creative Endeavor involved a lot of internet searching and several trips to Bulgaria. Our prime concern was that our new place would have the most beautiful views!! This turned out to be a fantastic way of seeing the beauty of Bulgaria. Estate agents took us bumping and crawling along pot-holed, one-laned tracks and across rutted fields and hiking up steep hillsides and mountain tracks. In winter we plodded through knee-deep snow, in fall through clinging burrs, in spring through rain and in summer through stinging nettles trying to reach the overgrown ruins of abandoned buildings that lay scattered everywhere across Bulgaria. We soon realized that we needed to add yet another criteria to our search—accessibility!

This added criteria tamed the views somewhat, as we wanted dramatic and that seemed to come with some risk to life. So we had to settle for accessibly dramatic and not too far from the airport.

The buildings themselves became yet another criteria—they need to be old (that was easy) and to be stone (as opposed to brick or concrete or some other building material). This criterion narrowed the search to specific areas in Bulgaria as building style seems to vary with location. Fortunately for us, stone was the obvious material of choice in the rugged mountain areas, which also afforded the best views.

And so we ended up in the beautiful Rhodope Mountains! There are several mountain ranges in Bulgaria, the Rhodopes lie in the southeast and cross into Greece. This puts our property just a few hours drive from the Greek beaches and also a few hours to Istanbul and in the wintertime just an hours drive to one of Bulgaria’s prime ski resorts (not quite up to Canadian standards, but then I guess I have been spoiled—sure beats Ski Dubai anyway!)

We love the view we ended up with and love the way it changes with the seasons!

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