Our Dream

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It is our intention to breathe new life into our beautiful old stone buildings creating a retreat where creative individuals from any and all disciplines can come to recharge, create, think, explore…just be.

We will offer the highest caliber of instruction to those who are interested, but also a place to escape to and be surrounded by inspirational views and other creative individuals.

Our goal is for the entire place to be a work of art in itself, so that at every turn there is an item, a view, a bar of music, a piece of furniture, a stone, a garden, a wall, etc that gives pause and invites an appreciation for the beauty of the surroundings. We are hoping that our many talented and creative friends and relatives will want to leave their mark on the place and that it will continue to evolve with the visit of each guest.

Today we begin by sharing our dream here and inviting the ideas and comments of others. As we progress through planning and renovations and finally becoming a fully functioning entity we will document our experiences here.